Colonial Penn Life Insurance

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Philadelphia, PA
Colonial Penn Life Insurance
Colonial Penn Life Insurance
Colonial Penn Life Insurance

Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company is located in one of the most historically significant regions in the country.  Just blocks from iconic landmarks such as the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, Colonial Penn Life corporation was housed in a non-descript modern office building.  NW Sign Industries designers used their ingenuity to create a historically significant design that would not only distinguish the building’s entrance, but also pay homage to the company name. Designers also needed to understand and satisfy demanding city ordinances that specified stringent setback requirements. 


NW Sign Industries created an architectural element that fitted seamlessly into the original modern façade of the office building. The use of columns and a stucco face gave the entrance the presence and sophistication befitting an insurance company in a historic district.   The sign’s proportions, 61 feet long and 6 feet high, were a challenge during transportation.  Crews nervously eyed the bridge toll booth, judging whether the sign and trailer would fit.  Fortunately, the sign passed through with inches to spare, and the remaining road trip was without incident. Busy city streets were closed during the installation, which dictated the use of a crane. The finished product transformed the building’s entrance, simulating the look and feel of a timeless institution.



The sign is sixty-one feet long by six-feet high. Two columns are integrated into the sign and flank the doors of the entrance.



The Colonial Penn Life sign is fashioned from:

  • One piece aluminum with an Exterior Insulation and Finish System to create the illusion of stucco
  • Blue and red lettering lit by fiber optics.